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More than 35 years of experience, 140 specialists, tailor-made methodologies and powerful products are what make MID one of the leading providers of modeling solutions.

MID’s expertise can help companies from a wide range of sectors with Business Process Management, Business Intelligence and software development life cycles.

The next generation web-based BPM solution you can use to bring your processes to life.

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We provide methods training in the form of open training or in-house training

NewGuaranteed DMN Training - Make decisions manageable

Make decisions manageable - Decision Model and Notation (DMN). (Business) decisions are omnipresent and have to be made every day. They control business processes, thus influencing business success. Learn also how to model DMN in Innovator.

Duration: 1 Day

Location: Nuremberg

Innovator for Information Architects

You are already familiar with data modeling in the conceptual schema (ERM) and database schema. However, data modeling hardly makes sense if you do not use an efficient modeling tool.


Duration: 2 Days

Location: Nuremberg

Innovator for Business Analysts - Foundation Course

The course will give you an insight into working with Innovator for Business Analysts.


Duration: 2 Days

Location: Nuremberg