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More than 35 years of experience, 140 specialists, tailor-made methodologies and powerful products are what make MID one of the leading providers of modelling solutions.

MID’s expertise can help companies from a wide range of sectors with Business Process Management, Business Intelligence and software development life cycles.

Ensure an effective communication and collaboration within your process management with smartfacts BUSINESS.

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We provide methods training in the form of open training or in-house training

New Lean Modeling (EN)

In this course you will gain an insight into lean concepts and learn how to adapt them to modeling. We put you in a position within your project to choose the tools that are suitable for you to optimize your modeling processes.

Duration: 1 Day

Location: Nuremberg

Guaranteed Train the Trainer (DE)

In this training specialists become multipliers for their topic.


Duration: 4 Days

Location: Nuremberg

Conceptional and physical Modeling of relational Databases

Learn about data modeling and how to use it in practice in this course.


Duration: 2 Days

Location: Nuremberg