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Software Development Life Cycle

The life cycle of a software solution starts with an idea: the desire for improvement. The need for change. The dream of real innovation. Only when all requirements have been clearly defined can the development start. Only when the solution is available can it be introduced into the production environment. And, from there, regularly put to the test. MID can help you – with a clean patch software development life cycle.

Requirements Engineering

We find out what you really need

Want to realise your vision of your software solution? We know what it takes. The key to a project's success is often at the start of the whole business – in systematic requirements engineering or requirements management. We work with you to define the scope for your ideal software solution by gathering requirements, for example, in the form of user stories or a traditional specifications list.

Requirements Engineering with MID – the benefits for you:

  • Create a basis for effective communication between the specialist departments and the development department
  • Take decisions based on reliable principles
  • Use the specified requirements as a basis for effective approvals



Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

We define your services – so you can react agilely to changes

Is your software structure based on numerous existing solutions that you want to integrate flexibly? We will work with you to derive from your requirements which of these solutions is really needed in your company. And how central components of individual solutions can be optimally used and reused.

SOA with MID – the benefits for you:

  • Avoid redundant development work
  • Save on costs through better maintainability and increased reuse
  • React agilely to changes in your business environment – through a loosely linked application landscape



System analysis

We analyse the actual status so you can recognise potential

IT landscapes grown up over years can often be seen as black boxes. We change all that – by precisely analysing each individual component. The result forms the basis for future development. This means you get a comprehensive overview of the behaviour and functionality of your systems and can purposefully plan and implement future development projects.

System analysis with MID – the benefits for you:

  • Get a reliable basis for the development or replacement of your existing applications
  • No longer rely on the knowledge of individual employees
  • Have new employees learn the ropes faster



Change Request Management

We analyse potential applications, you have moving targets covered

There are many reasons why requirements for your IT landscape can change. This often happens even before the project is finished. No problem! We work with you to analyse and evaluate the impact of any changes to your company, present alternatives and find the best solution together. This means you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Change request management with MID – the benefits for you:

  • Make sustainable decisions on the basis of the changes and their impact
  • React quickly and agilely to changes
  • Create transparency in the current status of requirements 



Technical concept

We create your software solution so that you invest in the right things

Planning on introducing a complex software system with multiple functions? The various possibilities span a wide range of solutions. We work with you to derive the right solution scenarios for you from the requirements – and create a consistent image of the future software solution in the technical concept.

Technical concepts by MID – the benefits for you:

  • Match the planned software to your requirements
  • Assess the impact of changes on the planned software quickly and agilely
  • Use the technical concept as the basis for testing the new software




We model your knowledge so you stay on top of it

Have heterogeneous documentation and expert knowledge that isn’t documented? We extract this knowledge and structure and document it in a model. This makes it accessible and value-enhancing for you.

Modelling with MID – the benefits for you:

  • Create an ‘image’ of your future solution – before investing in the development
  • Create transparency for your software solution
  • Get a complete overview of your IT landscape

How can we help you?

Our expert team and we will find the solution that suits you and your needs.



Boris Vogt

Head of Consulting

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Head of Consulting