Data to Knowledge

Do you know what the value 31.9 means in your company?

Do you know the difference between data, information, knowledge and wisdom?

Our Solution

Your raw data and meta data only provide your company with added value if they are processed into information and knowledge is drawn from this in a company-relevant context. We use the DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom) model to extract maximum informative value and form the basis for data-based decisions, data science and deep learning technologies within your company.

  • Data: Accumulation of facts, signals and symbols that are available as raw data in various structures, consistency and order. Unprocessed raw data is of no value for your company.
  • Information: Consistent arrangement and assignment enables raw data to be turned into information and is the first step on the value added ladder for your company.
  • Integrity:Maximize the integrity of your information thanks to a complete recording of sources and data transformation.
  • Knowledge: Collection of accumulated information tailored towards the company and enhancement of existing expertise.
  • Wisdom: Ability to use wisdom to make informed decisions that will benefit the company.

Our Methods for Your Success



Your Benefits

Your company does not merely collect data, we will also help you to generate knowledge and added value from this data and other external sources.

  • Identifiable ROI: make better decisions faster based on accurately derived information leads to greater success
  • Information for knowledge: complex and non-transparent structures and correlations in the data become comprehensible expert knowledge
  • Knowledge becomes wisdom: targeted monetization of knowledge gives you the edge over your competitors

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Martin Müller

Chairman of the board of management