Data Lineage

Have you got an overview of your data in its entirety?

Do you know what effect changing a source system would have on your reports?

Do you know where which figure or description began in your reports?

Our Solution

We will help you to gain a comprehensive overview of your data and meta data management. We will use traceability of data stores and transformations (ETL/ELT) that your data flows through to achieve desired added value in your reports.

  • End-2-End: We will fully map your company, from requirements right through to satisfied customers.
  • Transparency: Understand the dependencies between source systems and their reports by tracing data from every perspective.
  • Integrity: Maximize the integrity of your information thanks to a complete recording of sources and data transformation.
  • Reliability: Absolute transparency means you can trust your data.
  • Auditing Capabilities: Greater security by fulfilling standards and regulations (e.g. DSGVO and BCBS239).

Our Methods for Your Success

Data lineage starts with taking stock of existing operative systems, as well as including disparate systems (Data Warehouse and Data Lake). Your company’s value chain and data structures will become transparent and traceable and can be easily documented. Data graveyards will be uncovered and eliminated. You can easily and clearly display dependencies by taking a 360° look at your data. This will help you to easily recognize ways to optimize and speed up your processes.

Use your data to its full potential so that you can make better decisions more quickly for your company.

Derive new findings from your data to give your company a paramount advantage.



Your Benefits

Greater insight into your company as a whole thanks to traceability and high-quality data

  • Fulfill legal standards and regulations
  • Quicker and improved decision making thanks to reliable and up-to-date information
  • Quick reaction to trends and changes to the market
  • Bilateral data traceability: 360° examination of your data flow with data lineage and impact analysis
  • Valid data as base for further data to knowledge

How can we help you?

My expert team and I will find the solution that suits you and your needs.



Martin Müller

Chairman of the board of management