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Business Intelligence

Corporate decisions are based on questions. What do we do? How do we do it? Generally, these are the easy questions. A tough question, however, is “Why do we do it?” To answer this question, it helps to look at a company’s most important asset – its data. Together, we create the necessary transparency for working with the data and increase the efficiency of your activities and measures to be one step ahead of the competition.

Data Vault

We can develop your future data warehouse – for long-term investment protection

Want to develop a new data warehouse and want to know how to implement it quickly and with long-term results? We can help you to implement Data Vault as an overall method as part of your Business Intelligence project. From architecture and policy design, through automation, to data integration and analysis. We will be with you every step of the way through the change process, making you ready for the future.

Data Vault with MID – the benefits for you:

  • Ensure a harmonised approach and a consistent architecture that’s easy to use
  • Use flexible data models and be prepared for the challenges the future may bring
  • Achieve maximum efficiency through automation – and keep the backlog of further requests from your departments to a minimum
  • Provide data quickly, leading to improved dialogue with your departments
  • Deploy Data Vault agilely within Business Intelligence










 Data Warehouse Automation

We use metadata to speed up your BI solution

Business Intelligence (BI) is made up of both data provision and data evaluation. If the data to be processed are additionally processed clustered, this enables the standardisation of parts of the processing – and standardised processes can be automated. The advantage: information can be obtained faster. We prepare your existing structures as a metadata model, making them understandable to the user. This mean you benefit from more agility in providing data – and new ways of communicating with customers! We will make available a comprehensive toolkit for automating your data warehouse and adapt it to your BI environment.

Data Warehouse Automation with MID – the benefits for you:

  • Make knowledge accessible faster – by converting your documentation into a live, always up-to-date knowledge base.
  • Make your Business Intelligence strategy faster – by using metadata for automation
  • Rely less on existing tools
  • Create the opportunity to change



Big Data

You’ll have the entire breadth of our tool experience behind you

Business Intelligence is changing. Data need to be loaded ever faster. At the same time, numerous Business Intelligence tools with very different solution approaches are available – including SAP Hana or NoSQL – trust in our expertise. We would be happy to show you hybrid solutions and options for flexible architectures that you can use to test and integrate new technologies.

Big Data with MID – the benefits for you:

  • Integrate Big Data into your existing IT architecture
  • Ensure the integration of new technologies into your IT architecture in the future, too
  • Take advantage of an IT architecture that not only makes data but also the accompanying metadata available








DWH Modernisation

We make your existing data warehouse ready for the future

Nothing is more valuable than experience gained and expertise accumulated over decades. We can help you to safeguard this asset – by helping you deploy new data warehouse technologies and transition, in eliminating historical faults, or integrating automation. We will work with your team to analyse current challenges for your data warehouse, set goals for its modernisation and develop your solution proposal.

Data Warehouse Modernisation with MID – the benefits for you:

  • Use the same resources to implement more requirements – by optimising the solution you already use.
  • Prepare for the demands of the future – by integrating new technologies
  • Reduce complexity – by cleaning up your system landscape
  • Become more effective and adaptable

How can we help you?

Our expert team and we will find the solution that suits you and your needs.



Boris Vogt

Head of Consulting

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Head of Consulting