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Business Analysis / Requirements Engineering


IT is not an end in itself. Make the right investments!

New legal requirements or business strategy changes can trigger pressure for change. We analyze your business challenges, find out where need for change is required and optimize the relevant business processes. Results are processed and communicated focused around management.

We will work with you to quickly determine requirements and draw up a suitable project to implement improvement measures to allow for a sustainable business and IT architecture.

This will enable us to achieve a coherent picture of the project and a substantiated investment decision.

Business analysis with MID - your advantages:

  • Gain transparency for your business challenges to derive improvement measures
  • Work together with us to develop a business case for your change project and assess potential benefits for the solution
  • Establish an initial picture of your IT solution and minimize implementation risks within IT









Requirements Engineering & Management

Let us determine what you really need.

Do you want to realize your vision in your software solution? We know what really counts! The key to project success often lies in communication and traceability of requirements. We are equipped with the requirement engineering tools needed to support you - regardless of whether agile or classic projects are in the pipeline. Recording, definition and maintenance of requirements remain an essential part of the process.

You can rely on our expertise! Both when creating epics, user stories or use cases 2.0 within an agile environment and when formulating classic requirement specification. Be on the winning side with MID as your partner - both in agile and classic requirements engineering.

Requirements engineering & management with MID – your advantages:

  • Profit from our many years of expertise in requirements engineering & management - we can unveil precisely what you need
  • Create a solid base for effective communication between business and IT
  • Track how requirements are met, from the initial development right through to approval so as to achieve optimum added value for your company

Domain Driven Design

Business and IT work together to develop a solution.

Have you got a complex software development project that needs managing? But you are not sure how to achieve successful collaboration between business and IT? Then the Domain Driven Design method is the cornerstone you require to achieve your goal.

Domain Driven Design is becoming ever more popular with our customers. Profit from our experience in method application. We will work together with you to develop a common language between business and IT - and you will see how both parties become a united front. We will help you to reflect business architecture within IT architecture. Allow us to help you develop a holistic approach - from business processes and data objects, right through to business application components. And, in doing so, achieve a sustainable foundation for your complex software solution.

Domain Driven Design with MID – your advantages:

  • Profit from our experience when using these innovative methods
  • Discover how software is structured and designed based around business domains so that the “right” software is developed
  • Find out how business and IT can collaborate to achieve complex solutions





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