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Companies need to meet new challenges in an ever changing world. Market requirements are constantly changing, new technologies need to be implemented, regulators intervene in companies, fusions merge different organizations. These scenarios are just a small excerpt of possible challenges a company may face. IT also needs to rise to the challenge and meet these new demands by balancing processes, standards and flexibility. The IT infrastructure needs to constantly be optimized and adapted to suit new market conditions so that IT can cope with these challenges. This means that business and IT have to work closely together. 

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is the answer to meeting these challenges and bringing in a positive change about the company.



Get an overview of your Enterprise Architecture.

Business / IT alignment

Bring together stakeholders and align IT with business.


Make better and quicker decisions based on your Enterprise Architecture.

Reduce IT costs

Targeted and efficient use of resources and investments.

EAM Services we Provide

EAM Capability

Enterprise Architecture Management

Only by creating close links between business and IT departments are companies able to meet the new challenges in a world which is changing with ever increasing frequency. Market needs change continuously; new technologies have to be employed; regulators intervene in the company; and mergers fuse diverse organizations. The IT department has to implement processes and standards, as a result of which it has to continuously optimize the IT landscape and adapt to new conditions. Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) provides a way of overcoming these challenges. The focus is not only on stakeholders and their needs, but also on transparent documentation at the strategy, business and IT levels. Anchoring EA governance in the company enables you to involve stakeholders in the development of the company's architecture and to bring about sustainable change for the better.

Our modular system for your success

Our EAM experts help you to identify and make better use of underused potential within your company. Through interviews, workshops and moderation we promote an optimum flow of information between all parties and work with you to bring your governance process to life. We support you in analyzing your company's architecture. And together we uncover potential for optimization, identify goals and lay a foundation for proceeding in the future.

The benefits for you

  • get an overview of your company's architecture
  • bring stakeholders together and orient your IT towards strategic company goals
  • arrive at better decisions faster
  • use resources and investments in an efficient, targeted way

Optimizing your EAM Capability

When introducing or developing your Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) further, you will repeatedly face challenges that could thwart your EAM project or cause it to fail. You can have a positive influence on success by considering appropriate measures.

Our modular system for your success

Through training and coaching we support you in clearly defining the individual goals and scopes specific to your organization. Together we clarify processes, roles and responsibilities, thereby enabling your team to put EAM into practice.

The benefits for you

  • goals and scopes are clearly identified
  • definition and introduction of EAM governance
  • identify and realize the benefits for stakeholders

Enterprise Architecture with ArchiMate®

Are you familiar with this scenario: inconsistent and isolated information about the architecture has to be painstakingly prepared for workshops or presentations and considerable effort is involved in establishing relationships with other projects or architectural domains? ArchiMate® is the solution for you. But how can you make efficient use of this tool without losing too much time dealing with theory?

Our modular system for your success

In our ArchiMate® workshop we use practical examples to support you in introducing the standard modeling language for EA, ArchiMate®. You will pick up plenty of tips and benefit from our experience as EAM consultants. During the workshop we work with you to develop ready-to-use tailoring, views and structures, and discuss sensible steps for proceeding. Once they have been processed you will be given the results of your ArchiMate® workshop.

The benefits for you

  • create shared understanding of Enterprise Architecture throughout the company
  • introduce ArchiMate® quickly and productively
  • accelerate development of your enterprise architecture
  • communicate with stakeholders clearly and efficiently

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We offer a wide range of training in the areas of Enterprise Architecture Management and ArchiMate® to make you top of your field.

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Innovator for Enterprise Architects is a powerful Enterprise Architect management tool that uses ArchiMate® to make your Enterprise Architecture transparent and manageable.

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