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We offer a free 60 day trial of all our Innovator versions.

Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite

The suite contains all Innovator products in one comprehensive package. This means that you can consistently create, edit and link business process models, requirements models, software system models and data models with the Innovator Enterprise Suite. All roles involved in a model are integrated into a standard user interface in the current Microsoft Office design.
Download the Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite

Innovator for Business Analysts

Business analysts use a wide variety of tools to complete their various tasks. These are normally Office applications, requirements tools, business process tools and UML modeling tools. Innovator for Business Analysts is a tool that has all these capabilities rolled into one.
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Innovator for Information Architects

The data modeling tool for the new Innovator product generation. You can choose your standard notation in diagrams for conceptual schema and database schema. Integrated comparison functions support comparison between these schemata and the existing databases so that changes can be carried out securely and in a controlled manner.
Download Innovator for Information Architects

Innovator for Enterprise Architects

Model your enterprise architectures using ArchiMate® 2.0 (Open Group Standard).
You can also link elements from ArchiMate® 2.0 with elements from other Innovator products or drag elements from other products and drop them in ArchiMate® 2.0.
Download Innovator for Enterprise Architects

Innovator for Software Architects

Innovator for Software Architects is part of the Innovator modeling platform. It is a flexible tool for object-oriented modeling with UML 2 and replaces Innovator Object eXcellence. The consistent support of the Model Driven Architecture gives you maximum security for the future and technological neutrality.
Download Innovator for Software Architects