Business Process Management

Our tailor-made solutions provide you with the support you need to optimize your business processes and to implement them more effectively and efficiently, as well as better meet your business goals.

Business Process Management

Effective and efficient implementation of business processes is a basic prerequisite when meeting your business goals. Business process management is a tried and tested system for controlling business processes. Business process management is a integral part of any organization and offers optimum support when implementing business processes using software.

Whether you wish to implement and improve your organization’s business process management or optimize your business processes: we will support you as a partner who knows both sides, processes and software.



We offer support across the board, from methodology and notation, right the way through to tool implementation.


Add to your existing results.


We will create solutions tailor-made to suit your requirements.


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Process Orientation
Business Process Modeling
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Make your business successful through consistent process orientation

Processes are the life blood of every company; they determine the pace, efficiency and the capacity to perform of an organization. In order to remain efficient and competitive in the long-term, you must put processes at the heart of everything you do and link strategic action to IT. With our business process management solution we support you in consistently orienting your organization around processes.

Increased transparency about the state of your process orientation

In a company people are always talking about process orientation, but everyone seems to understand something different by this. And when the current state of the process management within a company comes under discussion, then opinions diverge to an even greater extent.

Our modular system for your success

Carry out an assessment to determine the current state of your process orientation. Our certified consultants will work out medium and long-term goals for your process orientation with you, and compare them to the existing state of affairs. Using a recognized maturity model, we determine what concrete action is needed. We advise you on implementation, and carry out a subsequent assessment to evaluate how successful your implementation has been.

The benefits for you

  • comprehensible identification of the current position and clear goals for process orientation
  • independence achieved through use of a recognized maturity model
  • transparency through communication with all stakeholders
  • derivation of project milestones and measurability of success in implementation

Increased transparency in processes and consistent understanding through business process modeling

One means of improving the process orientation within an organization is documenting the business processes. Only if you know what business processes are used in your organization and how they interact with one another can you manage your organization in a process-orientated way. Precise documentation of business processes in the form of modeling is the starting point for your business process management.

Our modular system for your success

With our business process modeling solutions we support you in modeling and making available your processes in a use and user-orientated way. We are happy to advise you about your methodology, notation and use of tools, take on concrete modeling tasks or train your employees in modeling languages.

The benefits for you

  • holistic and comprehensive advice on methodology, notation and the use of tools
  • sustainable process documentation tailored to the needs of the user
  • fast implementation and minimization of risk through the use of agile practices
  • consistent understanding of business processes through the use of standardized notation

Business Process-Driven Requirements Analysis

Fundamentals. It is essential to collect requirements for processes and IT so that individual process steps can be effectively supported. Requirements exist at the start of an IT project but are a decisive factor as to whether a project can be successful and that IT is not an end in itself.

Expertise. Decades of experience in software development mean that MID have gleaned the necessary expertise to derive requirements from processes. We link requirement descriptions with process models so that processes can be checked to see whether they are comprehensive and correct.


  • Clearly link requirements with business descriptions
  • Requirements documentation substantially increases system maintainability
  • Improved project control which minimizes risks

Carrying out business processes more effectively and efficiently with support from IT

The digitization of business models and thus of business processes is a major, much talked about topic nowadays. A key focus is on the targeted improvement of processes through IT-based support, or the creation of new processes which would not be possible if not supported by IT. IT is a central strategic resource and orienting it towards business processes is a necessary skill if businesses are to operate in a process-oriented manner.

Our modular system for your success

We support you in orienting your IT towards business processes. The key focus for us is the development of individualized software to support your value-creation processes which give you a competitive edge on the market. We are happy to advise you about development methods, use of tools, and agile processes, or to take on concrete analysis tasks for you.

The benefits for you:

  • holistic advice on development methods and the use of tools
  • long-term support of processes by IT through model-based procedures
  • faster implementation and minimization of risk through the use of agile practices

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