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"We have to set up our company’s IT in such a way that it is tailor made to meet the requirements of our specialist departments. Introducing Innovator has meant that our software development team has been able to increase the amount of running code produced to more than 70%. What we offer our customers is also what we expect from our partners: a first-rate service tailored specifically to our needs."

Christian Kössel

IT Enterprise Architect

"We are impressed by MID’s professionalism and efficiency. MID has been one of our most reliable IT partners for many years and is one of our top partners when it comes to modeling IT systems."

Norbert Doering

Head of System Development Management

"I was impressed with how practice-oriented the workshop was. It allowed us to quickly assess how to implement Innovator within SDV. The effort involved in introducing a new software can be kept to a minimum thanks to being able to concentrate on the most important elements; this means that we will quickly be able to achieve usable and profitable results. The tips given to us by the MID consultants really helped us to only use what we required. Using defined process models is essential for stakeholder acceptance; this has been proven with our previous experience using the de facto architecture documentation standard, ARC42. We were impressed with ArchiMate®’s flexibility and how this modeling language is implemented in Innovator for Enterprise Architects."

Dr. Torsten Greiner

Enterprise Architect for IT Infrastructure

"MID impressed us from the start with its professional manner and individual services. Using Innovator allowed us to make our enterprise architecture more consistent, quicker and more efficient. We chose Innovator because it is the modeling tool with the best bang for your buck."

Gilbert Passarotto

Corporate Projects

"Improvement in quality and efficiency in our daily operations can be traced back to introducing Innovator Business ad has led to a higher acceptance amongst all those involved in our projects. The process based on industry standards and optimized to suit our company definitely added to the project success. An activity is either an IT-supported process, a manual activity, an automated subprocess or a batch task. A consistent top-down approach of the critical business process through to the IT infrastructure was the logical path to take so that the focus in the first phase of the project was on the elements critical to business. Innovator Business’ configuration mechanism played a leading role in the success of the BDDS project. This allowed us to use Innovator Business as a process-oriented, uniform workbench and flexibly adapt it to suit our company’s needs."

Daniel Enderli


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Carsten Wehner

Head of Sales and Marketing