Visual Documentation of Business Processes and Respective System Landscape

Migros Uses Innovator as Business Management Tool

Smooth and quick processing of the logistic chain is the focus for the Migros IT services, the central IT service provider for MIGROS. This is because quick availability of goods is intrinsically linked with the company’s business success in the retail business. Disruptions to the course of operation can quickly lead to sensitive financial losses and competitive disadvantages.

So that the central merchandise management system can react quickly and efficiently to possible errors in the operating procedure it is important for the Migros IT services to be able to make a clear assertion with regard to the failure if necessary.

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"Improvement in quality and efficiency in our daily operations can be traced back to introducing Innovator Business ad has led to a higher acceptance amongst all those involved in our projects. The process based on industry standards and optimized to suit our company definitely added to the project success. An activity is either an IT-supported process, a manual activity, an automated subprocess or a batch task. A consistent top-down approach of the critical business process through to the IT infrastructure was the logical path to take so that the focus in the first phase of the project was on the elements critical to business. Innovator Business’ configuration mechanism played a leading role in the success of the BDDS project. This allowed us to use Innovator Business as a process-oriented, uniform workbench and flexibly adapt it to suit our company’s needs."

Daniel Enderli