Fast Processes for the Fast-Paced Fashion Industry

Cuts, material and trends are the be all and end all for the CBR Fashion Group...put simply, it’s all about fashion. Fashion is fast-paced. What’s fashionable today will be old news tomorrow. It's a case of “Be quick, the customer is waiting!”

New outfits need to be in store as soon as possible to keep the customer happy. And the window for sales in the fashion industry is brief: when the new T-shirt goes on sale, the next trend is already in the starting blocks.

In order for CBR Fashion Group to be quick to market with the latest fashions, they need ultra-efficient and transparent processes. For its process documentation and simulation software, CBR has turned to the modeling tool Innovator created by Nuremberg-based MID.

"MID impressed us from the start with its professional manner and individual services. Using Innovator allowed us to make our enterprise architecture more consistent, quicker and more efficient. We chose Innovator because it is the modeling tool with the best bang for your buck."

Gilbert Passarotto

CBR Fashion Operations GmbH