Performance and Service are First and Foremost

Barmer GEK Values Our Consulting Services

Good service makes all the difference! A multitude of tools are customized to suit the needs of the respective company in the areas of software architects, databases and business processes. This is why the competent and consistent consulting services offered by MID are an important part of the partnership between MID and the IT team at BARMER GEK. Experienced MID experts carry out on-site consulting. User support is as important as technical advice during the development process and support during development of the so-called methodology manual.

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"We have to set up our company’s IT in such a way that it is tailor made to meet the requirements of our specialist departments. Introducing Innovator has meant that our software development team has been able to increase the amount of running code produced to more than 70%. What we offer our customers is also what we expect from our partners: a first-rate service tailored specifically to our needs."

Christian Kössel

Barmer GEK