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Visions and Values

Join us and become part of MID: Our Visions and Values

We actively shape changes without losing sight of what matters most. 

Innovation success is the key to our company’s survival and development. This is one of the reasons that we are so open and flexible when it comes to further development and actively help to shape change. We concentrate on company goals and company success, prioritizing the task at hand and not the company itself. 

Customers and employees are our central focus. 

Our customers choose us due to our proximity, quality and innovation. We enable our employees the necessary freedom and possibilities for further development. We recognize strengths and potential, listen to our employees and are enthusiastic about our goals. 

We are proud of our performance and success. 

We put an emphasis on efficient teams. Our success is thanks to every single employee. We delegate responsibilities to our employees through objectives, challenges and decision-making powers. We take a holistic approach and ensure a clear framework, and communicate targets and expectations. Our aim is sustainable success. 

We are professional.

Professional behavior and approach are our hallmarks. Professionalism is a must when it comes to high quality and a successful and sustainable relationship. Our manner and communication are always befitting, our decisions and activities are always sound and comprehensible.

You can trust in us.

Trust and appreciation form the basis for our collaboration. We create trust through our dependability. We see the person behind the employee. We separate business and personal aspects, give prompt individual feedback and deal with conflicts in a constructive manner.

We are open and fair.

We act fairly and openly communicate with customers, colleagues and bosses. We share information, convey our visions and exemplify company culture. We are trustworthy and genuine. Making mistakes comes part and parcel with this. This ensures respect, trust and high regard. 

We are aware of our social responsibility. 

We provide secure employment. We meet both personal and professional needs. We encourage corporate and social involvement. We stand for sustainable management and environmental awareness. We hold importance on statutory regulations and social values.

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Sarah Muschler

Human Resources Manager

Kristina Fierus

Head of Human Resources

Jasmin Ruff

Recruiting Manager