MID Academic Alliance Program

Active Education Support

We take a practical approach

Our academic program, MID Academic Alliance Program (MAAP), offers you an active approach to education. Our program offers free licenses for our modeling platform, Innovator, for teaching and research purposes, as well as guest speakers in the form of our experienced consultants.

Use this opportunity and lay the foundations of an education with practical experience for your students. We will send you the necessary software.

Innovator is already used in several technical colleges in information management, business studies, information technology and electrical engineering courses.

Work alongside MID to train the IT experts of tomorrow, today!

Our MID Academic Alliance Program (MAAP) offers the following:

  • We will provide students and teachers at colleges and universities with a free copy of our current version of Innovator.
  • MID works with the department chair to provide a free Innovator training once per semester for students and teachers.
  • Licenses which are distributed within MAAP also come with free and unlimited use of the Innovator Hotline.
  • We support dissertations and student research, as well as institute projects. Both our development team in Nuremberg and our consultancy team offer an attractive environment for a hands-on approach to dissertation work and student research.

    Our MID Academic Alliance Program (MAAP) expects the following from you:

    • The department chair ensures that students gain new skills and knowledge through the possibilities available with MAAP. MID provides material tailored towards your teaching needs.
    • Available opportunities for completing your bachelor, master or research with us or coming to work in our product development or consulting teams after completing your education will be printed out and e.g. hung on a noticeboard.
    • Teachers will participate in an annual feedback process to share their experiences and offer us ideas for improvement.

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      Andreas Ditze

      Managing Director