Accelerate agile Software Development with UML Models

Innovator for Software Architects

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Innovator for Software Architects

Support agile development processes

Save time by automating development steps that are repeated regularly.

Get to grips with complex company applications

Use models to make applications accessible to everyone; even those not in the development department.

Increase your software’s flexibility

Innovator enables you to get to grips with complexity, makes changes transparent and shows relationships, allowing you to achieve an agile software.

Features that make your software development successful

Model & Code
Change Management

Customized UML 2

Use UML 2 to design YOUR model-driven software development process and make your UML profile.

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Greater Efficiency

No need to start from scratch. Set your potential free.

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Deal with Changes

Being able to professionally deal with changes is an essential part of any project. Innovator for Software Architects is the right tool for this job.

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Our consulting experts will support you in the sustainable and agile development of your software.                                                                            

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We offer a wide variety of training courses in the areas of software modeling, requirements analysis and engineering, and UML, which will make you an expert in your field.

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Head of International Sales