Version management and merge

Doing the right thing at the right time

With its powerful version management functions, Innovator provides you with optimum support for agile development projects, the publication of business processes, and all other tasks where you need a consistent model for a specific state at all times.

You always have full flexibility: You can generate new model versions in just a few steps with the support of wizard functions, start or stop existing model versions at the touch of a button, or completely reorganize the existing version hierarchy. Innovator always follows the procedure you choose, taking on the task of managing your model versions for you.

Don't do the same work twice!

Whether you want to feed changes from a change request into a development line, correct an error in multiple models, or publish the latest process changes, your challenge is that you need to reproduce a change that you've already modeled in other model versions.

With its sophisticated merge function, Innovator allows you to do this at the touch of a button. Differences between model versions are displayed to you graphically and in detail, and in the case of conflicting changes, Innovator alerts you to these conflicts.

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Stefan Zbinden

Head of International Sales