Limitless modeling

An overview of your entire company

innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite gives you a unique opportunity to depict information, functions, and processes from all of your company areas in a single tool. At all times, you can use the optimum, specialist modeling language for your needs, yet still establish and depict cross-dependencies and commonalities.

Link a business function from your ArchiMate enterprise architecture model with specific BMPN business processes. From a business process, reference the UML use case of the used IT system and examine its requirements. Track which service functions the application system calls and what information is used for this from which database.

It has never been easier to analyze and link cross-division or cross-function information flows. You can even depict all different modeling languages at the same time using a whiteboard diagram.

Everything in your sights - at all times

Even though the information connections in your model may well be extensive and complex, Innovator brings light into the darkness, dynamically showing you all direct and indirect relationships that are relevant for you. For each model element that you select, Innovator finds existing dependencies and usages and displays them to you immediately in a details area. This allows you to directly identify the diagrams in which a class has already been used and the users of the interface that you just clicked.

In addition, a powerful impact analysis at the touch of a button provides you with a graphical depiction of the relationships in your model.

All disciplines - at the same time

As well as enabling enterprise architects, business analysts, software architects, and information architects to perform their tasks optimally with an individually tailored tool set, Innovator - thanks to its online repository concept - allows everyone to work on the same model at the same time in real time, too. New and changed model elements are available to everyone else for modeling straight away.

A powerful authorization system enables the custom assignment of access and change rights on any scale from a single model element to the entire model. If you have a large number of users, you will benefit particularly from Single-Sign On and synchronization with your enterprise-wide user management system (LDAP). This means that a new employee in a department automatically receives access to the models released for the department in question, and if an employee switches jobs, nobody needs to oversee the revocation of existing rights.

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Stefan Zbinden

Head of International Sales