Customization and extension

Innovator speaks your language

Modeling languages such as UML, BPMN, and ArchiMate offer an excellent breadth of expression, covering many scenarios and challenges. But what if only some of these scenarios are relevant for your company? And what if, in certain areas, you need to differentiate even more precisely than is allowed by the language specification? Do you know exactly which elements you want to use and which you don't even want to be available for use?

Innovator is designed for no-compromise adjustability and extensibility like practically no other tool.

With Innovator, you can precisely customize, enhance, or restrict the supported modeling languages in line with your requirements. And if you have really big plans in mind, you can simply define your own modeling language!

The right hammer for your nails

No tool perfectly fits the work processes in a specific company right from the start. Before you adjust your processes in line with the program, simply shape the tool in accordance with your needs! Innovator provides practically all functions using programming interfaces for JAVA and C#. The modeling interface is fundamentally designed for extension using plug-ins.

This means that practically any optimization to the user interface can be made in order to allow your users to work together as efficiently as possible on your models. You can also carry out mass changes with just a few lines of code instead of sacrificing valuable working time in order to do so.

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Stefan Zbinden

Head of International Sales