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Innovator for Business Analysts Personal Edition

Innovator for Business Analysts

Innovator for Enterprise Architects

Innovator for Information Architects

Innovator for Software Architects

Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite

Visualize relationships with Whiteboard-Diagrams

Individually colorize diagram elements

Better teamwork with commenting on elements

Automation and extensions for model quality and notation verification

Customizable documentation generation

Change sets

Powerful version control

Structural and visual version comparison

Semi-automatic merging

Data Import and to and from Microsoft Excel

Display model content in other languages

Multi user model editing

Impact analysis/Data lineage

Enterprise user- & rights management

Read access to models from other Innovator editions

Interactive and configurable mapping

Template based code generation


Customizable notation & meta models

.Plug-In extensions

Textual requirements

Process Diagram (BPMN 2.0)

Business Resource Diagram

Information Structure Diagram

Business Object State Diagram

Organizational Chart

Process Map

Activity Based Costing

Mask Flow Diagram

Process Path Animation

Decision Model and Notation (DMN 1.2)

Decision Tables

Export and import in BPMN & DMN standards

The Open Group Standard ArchiMate ® 3

Gap analysis

Portfolio analysis

Consistency mechanisms for tables and views

Data Vault 2.0

Multi-dimensional Modeling-Cube Diagram

Processes for data creation

Entity-Relationship Diagram (in UML-, IDEF1X, Chen, DSA, SERM and James-Martin-Notation)

Database Diagram (IDEF1X-Notation)

Import of database design and live databases (DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL-Server, MySQL, Informix, PostGreSQL, Exasol)

Mapping of conceptional database models to physical DB design

Creation of vendor specific DDL scripts

Class Diagram (UML2)

Use Case Diagram (UML2)

State Machine Diagram (UML2)

Activity Diagram (UML2)

Composite Structure Diagram (UML2)

Sequence Diagram (UML2)

Component Diagram (UML2)

Deployment Diagram (UML2)

Block Definition Diagram (SysML)

Internal Block Diagram (SysML)

Context Diagram (SysML)

Test Case Diagram (SysML)

Package Diagram

Java sourcecode import

Write access to the models of other Innovator editions

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