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Use gap analysis in Innovator for Enterprise Architects to compare your enterprise architecture’s target and performance to quickly recognize and fix any gaps.

You can use the ArchiMate implementation and migration extension to model the flow of architecture changes. Differences between architecture states are modeled in the form of gaps that represent the result of a gap analysis. One of Innovator’s strong points is documentation generation in HTML and Microsoft Word that can be configured as required. Gap analysis is one of the pre-configured documentation provided by our experts. Gaps can be made transparent once they have been modeled by incorporating them into an MS Word documentation so they can be quickly analyzed. Architecture states can be set out next to each other and compared in a whiteboard diagram. This supports verification of enterprise architectures.


Key indicators are exported from Innovator for Enterprise Architects and a portfolio analysis about certain elements of an enterprise architecture is carried out. A set of elements are compared in two dimensions, e.g. business processes can be assessed using key indicators that you can configure to suit your needs. These are then exported to Excel at the touch of a button and the portfolio graphic is displayed there.


Use impact analysis to automatically determine affects a change may have. An graph created automatically in Innovator shows you which of your systems, processes, data and projects might be affected by a change. This allows you to assess the affects and make decisions quicker.

Graphics Export

Diagrams created in Innovator can be exported in various formats. Innovator uses vector graphics, which means that exported diagrams are always high resolution. Embed graphics into e.g. MS PowerPoint to emphasize your enterprise architecture or your next project in graphic form.

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