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Publishing and Getting Feedback

Do you want your processes to easily be available to multiple users? Do you want to get vital feedback from your stakeholders using a standardized release process? Do you want to get information directly from users about how processes are used?

Thanks to a powerful integration of both tools, you can now publish processes, process maps and organizational structures you have modeled in Innovator into Bpanda so that they are easily available to a wide range of users.

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Change Logging

Each change made to the model is automatically logged by Innovator. Changes are summarized in change logs so that this information can be easily attained. This means that changes to the model can be assigned to both modelers and also modeling tasks within different departments. This enables users to know which changes have been made so that they can take a change request in the model into consideration. Based on the same information, there is also the option of tracing a specific model element and seeing how it has developed over the course of the project and which change requests caused a model to be modified.
Changes can also be quickly and reliably traced for audits.

Animating Process Models

Regular model reviews can help to improve process quality and recognize design errors in good time. Concrete flow scenarios split into various situations can be identified in nested processes and shown in a clear film. Animating flow scenarios makes it easier to understand and intuitively create relationships. Animating process models improves communication and comprehension within both operating departments and software development.


Models are used for communication and specification. This means reviews are necessary on a regular basis. Suggestions for improvements or changes identified in the reviews can be directly added to the model in Innovator using annotations; these are similar to comments in Microsoft Office products. Feedback can be created by the modeler or other technical users in the workshop using read-only roles in the model. Modelers can then find and incorporate the feedback without needing to use additional review lists.

Multi-Lingual Model Content

Innovator is the perfect tool for large, international distributed teams. There is always a primary modeling language used in these sorts of teams, otherwise there will be areas of the model that are language-specific and cannot be mapped together.

It is important to use a common language to achieve consistency in the model. However, it is also necessary to be able to share the model with various specialist departments in different locations that may use different languages. Specialist departments can only verify and understand the model if it is in a language that they understand. You can use Innovator to translate and display all model content into various languages. You can export and import translations as files, translate directly in the interface or carry out automated translations via supported web services.

Verification Wizard

How do you ensure the quality of your models? The Innovator verification wizard allows you to verify model quality at the touch of a button. You define which aspects of the model are important and the verification wizard checks these. Errors or violations to modeling conventions are quickly identified and can be fixed on site. Verifications can be synchronized with the modeler roles so that the modeler only sees violations that they can fix.

Automated model verifications mean that you can always assure model quality, even just before a release date.

Report and Documentation Generation

A model has many stakeholders. Not all of them directly access the model. Some may require a specification as a document as it should be made into part of a contract. Others may want to summarize the model into a few pages as an overview or status report.
You can use the Innovator report and documentation generator to create precisely the right document for the various stakeholders. You can design the documents as you require and quickly change them to suit different channels receiving the information.

Whiteboard Diagram

The Big Picture - Whiteboard Diagrams
Whiteboard diagrams let you keep an overview and visualize relationships from different notations.
Show which processes interact with which software components in a diagram. You can visualize various process levels, from the process map right through to the workflow. You can also use the whiteboard diagram to visualize all diagrams relevant to a planned change request so that you can discuss in the team how best to proceed with the implementation. There is no end to its uses!

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