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Data Import and Export from Excel

Benefit from existing information through simple and efficient data exchange with other people or systems.

Use the new Excel Export feature to provide any model information in a structured form and even adopt changes in the model using Excel import.

Excel Import allows you to easily create multiple model elements at the same time, e.g. as initial data import from a system involved. The import dialog will guide you through how to adopt your data into the correct element types and properties and will let you know of any possible issues that may occur before the import is carried out.

Documentation generation to Word and Web

Innovator provides you with a multitude of standard reports. Use the documentation generation customization options to create your own reports. You can create reports customized to suit the various stakeholders, starting from the model. This enables you to generate up-to-date, professional and targeted reports at the touch of a button, which you can then either continue editing as a Word document or publish as a website.

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Stefan Zbinden

Head of International Sales