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Process Map

Use the process map to describe the structure of your company’s processes and how individual sub-processes have an effect on each other. This visualization enables organizational and structural evaluation of processes within your company. This enables both the process structure and flows to be modeled.
This makes process maps the ideal introduction into your model. You can jump from elements in the process map directly to the corresponding submodels, regardless of whether this is an org chart or a refined process description in BPMN.

Business process modeling with BPMN 2.0

In many projects, business processes form the bases for understanding requirements and relationships. Use Innovator to create process models based on BPMN 2.0 notation and link them with all other elements. Innovator can also be used for mapping concept models to an SOA (service-oriented architecture).

Innovator actually actively supports this process by automatically changing detail elements into correct BPMN. Innovator is a smarter editor and takes all unnecessary modeling work off your hands where ever possible. Innovator uses the model context to make a pre-selection of possible element types, leaving you free to concentrate on the model content.

Decision modeling with DMN

Decisions need to be made in every business process. Decision making is not integral to the process but it does influence how the process progresses. DMN (Decision Model and Notation) can be used to formulate decision making and remove it from the process. This makes the process easier to understand and maintain. Innovator can help you to graphically create decisions, their dependencies and decision owners.

You can also use Innovator to create complex business decisions in an easy to understand way, maintain these and export them for implementation in process and decision engines. DMN 1.1 in Conformance Level 3’s FEEL provides a wide diversity of expressions. An integrated simulation function helps you to make quick logical and technically correct decisions.

Tap your existing data mining and machine learning knowledge by combining predictive model markup language (PMML) functions.

Textual Requirements

Textual requirements represent the basic notation for documenting requirements, making them a necessary part of requirements documentation, such as requirements specifications, as well as rough and detailed concepts. Well-formulated requirements mean there are no nasty surprises during the project phases and there is less need for coordination.

Activity-Based Costing

Identify which costs occur for a process within your company using activity-based costing. Create the relevant key indicators using powerful editors in a table form. Analysis results are then exported to Excel and can be easily used for subsequent evaluation.

Use Case Analysis

UML’s use case models are another popular way of modeling requirements.

The system is modeled with its use cases and the respective stakeholders. Use cases are specified according to pre-configured templates. These templates can be customized to suit the user's needs. This produces a clear overview of a use case and all those involved within the process.

This enables you to link your BPMN processes with use cases in the IT system by defining sub paths or flow scenarios for the process and assigning them to a use case. You can also use the same pool of model elements when modeling use cases as you would when modeling processes: whether business objects, resources used or information structures, all of these elements can be directly referenced when describing a use case, system or stakeholder.

GUI / Mask Flows

The mask flow diagram enables users of an IT application in the operating department to communicate their requirements in the form of masks, dialogs or windows. The mask flow diagram extends the BPMN concept of a user task by enabling you to enter a mask for a task and to display the mask's fields within the task.

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