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Innovator for Business Analysts

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Map all aspects of your company’s processes

A company process consists of more than just events and worksteps. Determine relevant information, such as resources, data, runtimes and costs.

From process sketches to executable processes

Processes created using Innovator can be run in process engines.

All business analysis facets are brought together in one tool

No need to change between various tools. Innovator integrates all aspects of business analysis into one tool.

Features that make your BPM successful

BPMN 2.0 & more
Stakeholder Involvement
Office Integration

More than a pure BPMN 2.0 Modeling Tool

Many BPMN 2.0 extensions will complete your business processes.

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Let Professional Results be the Proof of the Pudding

Traceable, well set out models, high quality models will assure stakeholders about your projects.

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Integrated into the Office World

Transform written requirements and use cases into a structured form. Create new requirements without needing to be actively connected to an Innovator model.

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Further services we offer for business processes and BPMN 2.0

Whether consulting or training - we have what you need!

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Our consulting experts will support you in the introduction and optimisation of business process management as well as in the improvement of your business processes.

We will turn you into an expert

We offer a wide variety of training courses in the areas of process management, process modelling and BPMN, which will make you an expert in your field.                                                                                           

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Carsten Wehner

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