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Limitless modeling
Version management and merge
Customization and extension

Innovator understands your company as a whole

With Innovator, you depict all information and architecture views of your company consistently in a single tool. Transparency and impact analysis at the touch of a button allow you to make precise analyses of connections at all times.

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Innovator adapts itself to your development process

Innovator offers powerful version management. You can transfer individual value changes or complex model adjustments between versions at the touch of a button.

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Innovator speaks your language

Whether you want simply to add an additional text box or to create your own fully individual modeling language. Innovator is designed for no-compromise adjustability and extensibility like practically no other tool.

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6 great reasons to choose Innovator

Collaborate on Model Creation

Increase collaboration efficiency between different departments.

Intuitive Interface

Start modeling straight away - no need for lengthy training!


Get an overview of everything through department integration.


Save time by reusing your models.

Easy to Customize and Extend

Tailor Innovator to suit your needs and increase your productivity.


Your models remain transparent thanks to change logging and impact analysis.

Compare Innovator editions

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Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite

combines the features of

Innovator for
Business Analysts

BPM on the basis of BPMN 2.0 and DMN,
Office-based requirements

Innovator for
Information Architects

Data modeling in
all known notations,
model-driven BI, Data Vault 2.0

Innovator for
Software Architects

modeling solution
based on UML 2.5

Innovator for
Enterprise Architects

Modeling of
enterprise architectures
based on ArchiMate®


in an integrated environment, enabling you to perfectly combine and analyze all of your information.

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Stefan Zbinden

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