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Competent. The core disciplines of Enterprise IT have been the inspiration and daily bread for our consulting team for over 30 years. Come and be part of our experienced and competent team for strategic IT projects. Invest in our software, processes and employees and work hand in hand with us to develop longterm goals. Collaboration between specialist departments and IT is of fundamental importance for us so that all parties can work together to improve sustainability of business processes.

“We have been able to prove the capabilities of our products and services time and again for large strategic projects.”

Andreas Ditze Managing Director MID

Approach to Digitalization

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Digitalization. We are focused on innovations that will set you aside from the competition. This also rings true for digitalization of business processes using key technologies such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Enterprise Mobility or Big Data. Our MID consulting team integrates new business models and ideas into mature and efficient organizations and IT so that investments made in the past build the foundations for the future. MID’s innovations do not simply look good from the outside, they are also integrated into the entire architecture and impact both within and outside the organization.

MID Solutions

Central Success Factors


that creates lasting added value for business is paramount to the entire organization. It is essential to bring the products out on the market as quickly as possible whilst managing the high risks involved, regardless of whether mobile solutions or Industry 4.0.


Groundbreaking innovation requires a documented and flexible IT landscape to be able to react swiftly to new business requirements. “Technical debt” needs to be distributed before a real innovation culture can be brought to life.


We bring together the views and goals of management, specialist departments and IT and manage your projects and entire transformation of your application landscape all the way through to successful project completion. Our consultants have experience and are competent in both agile and traditional project approaches.

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Carsten Wehner

Head of Sales and Marketing