Workshop for Model Documentation with Innovator

Course description

Documentation ensures knowledge and project experience for the future. Use Innovator to automatically generate your documentation from the model. Customize it to suit your company-specific requirements and bring it up-to-date at the touch of a button.

There are various configuration options for both structure and output format. Whether QM manual, documented procedures or complete description of models for consistency and reusability in development projects. Publish documentation in HTML or Word according to your corporate identity guidelines.

This course will show you tap the full potential of documentation using Innovator.

At the end of the course you will be able to define Innovator documentation structures, use the various output formats, such as HTML, Microsoft Word or PostScript and set-up documentation templates for users.

Course contents/Methodology/Target group

  • Documentation generation elements
  • Prepare documentation
    • Prepare model
    • Describe model elements
    • Description with external elements
    • Create documentation
    • Generate documentation
    • Preview window

  • Configure documentation
    • Create documentation structures
    • Documentation and model structure
    • Create structures
    • Design layout
    • Compile docu selection

  • Attachment
    • Structures for advanced users
    • Example structures
    • Documentation for experts - flows

Target group:
Those in charge of Innovator, quality controllers


Knowledge of at least one Innovator product

Helpful: Modeling project experience in the methods used

Workshop for introduction into Innovator modeling configuration

This course offers an introduction into basic techniques involved in Innovator configuration.


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