NewScrum Team Quickstart

Course description

Your current approach to software development is based on the classic waterfall model (V-model)? In your company, projects are carried out iteratively according to a scheme that has proven itself over many years? You are passing through each of the individual phases one after another and only at the very end you deliver the finished product? 

However, in the context of a world that is certainly changing faster and faster, with more and more requirements to consider, this process model is outdated: creating a model with its subsequent implementation is no longer up-to-date and certainly not sexy. Customers cannot wait years for the completion of a software only to then realize that it no longer meets the current spirit of the times / the changed conditions. 

In this Scrum Team Quickstart we provide you with all the necessary content to survive in agile projects in the future. This course is aimed not only at individuals but also at complete (development) teams who dare to change over to the agile world or want to adjust their view of Scrum. 

Learning targets:
At the end of the course, you and your team will be able to set up or successfully complete projects according to agile principles.

Course contents/Methodology/Target group

Course contents:

  • What is an agile development / philosophy of agile development 
  • Development of agile projects 
  • Establishment / composition of agile project teams 
  • Skills / requirements for the project members 
  • Processes within the team 
  • Processes within the project 
  • Artifacts (documentation) in an agile environment 

Lecture with discussion, interactive group work, practical exercises 

Target group / The course is aimed at:
(Development) teams and individuals from the following disciplines: software development, requirements engineering, business analysis 


No special previous knowledge is required. However, knowledge of classical process models (V-model) and software development is advantagous.

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