Object-Oriented System Analysis with UML

Course description

Most modern programming languages are based on the concept of object orientation. However, object-oriented programming requires a preliminary object-oriented analysis (OOA) of the system to be implemented. UML is the language for modeling object-oriented systems and significantly supports the analysis process, from requirements right through to the finished design.

This course will teach you about UML diagrams central to object-oriented analysis and how to use them to create efficient and flexible systems.

At the end of this course you will be familiar with the basic principles of object orientation. You will be able to describe a system using UML, breaking it down into individual components so that they can be implemented and maintained as independently as possible. You will know all possible traps and sources for mistakes in object-oriented analysis and how to deal with them.

Course contents/Methodology/Target group

  • Analysis phase
  • Principles of object orientation
    • Object and class
    • Identify and define objects

  • Describe objects using class diagrams
    • Classes, abstract classes, interfaces, data types
    • Attributes and operations
    • Relationships and associations
    • Generalization

  • Describe behavior of objects using activity diagrams
    • Basic elements
    • Control flow and object flow
    • Important action types

  • Describe interactions of objects using sequence diagrams
  • Describe lifecycle of objects state machines

Target group:
System analysts, system architects, software architects, technical users


It would be advantageous to know the basics of requirements analysis, know an object-oriented programming language, understand data modeling and have a basic grasp of UML.

Advanced courses

Innovator for Software Architects - Foundation Course

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OCUP2-F Preparation for UML Professional Certification

This course gives you an insight into different types of UML models as well as how to create and interpret them. You will be able to successfully complete the OMG Certified UML Professional 2 Foundation Level (OCUP2-F) certification.


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