Innovator for Information Architects

Course description

You are already familiar with data modeling in the conceptual schema (ERM) and database schema. However, data modeling hardly makes sense if you do not use an efficient modeling tool. Innovator for Information Architects is the standard-compliant modeling tool for various notations in conceptual schema such as Chen, James Martin, Serm etc., as well as visualization of database schema with IDEF1X. It is the perfect tool for modeling thanks to its innovative and easy to use interface.

This course will teach you about Innovator for Information Architects and all it has to offer. It will teach you how to model ER data models yourself and transform them into specific database schema that can then be optimized at a later stage. Learn how Innovator for Information Architects can work for you to get your data models under control.

At the end of this course you will be able to use Innovator for Information Architects; use and maintain existing models; create new models based on existing databases or imported DDLs; create model documentation. You will be able to model using all relevant elements in the conceptual schema and database schema and transform models between the schema.

Course contents/Methodology/Target group


  • Innovator architecture
  • Basic techniques for Innovator
  • Navigate efficiently within the model
  • Create data models with Chen notation, James Martin (“crow’s foot”), SERM or DSA notation
  • Visualize and optimize database schema in ISO standard IDEF1X
  • Manage dependencies between schema
  • Import/export database models, generate DDLs


Talk with live demonstrations, practical tutorials on PC<

Target group
System architects, data modelers, project managers


Knowledge of modeling in database schemas, basic knowledge of graphic user interfaces

Conceptional and physical Modeling of relational Databases

Learn about data modeling and how to use it in practice in this course.


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