Innovator for Business Analysts - Advanced Course Business Analysis & BPM

Course description

You already use and know the modeling language BPMN 2 for visualizing and documenting your processes and flows within your company. However, process modeling hardly makes sense if you do not have an efficient modeling tool. Innovator for Business Analysts is a standard-compliant modeling tool for BPMN that you can use not just for creating processes, but can also link them with all relevant company models, e.g. process maps, org charts and data structures.

The course will teach you about Innovator for Business Analysts and how it can be used for modeling business processes. You will learn how to create process maps, model business processes, structure them and add extra information from org charts so that you can map all aspects relevant to your business processes.
Let an experienced trainer show you how to get to grips with Innovator for Business Analysts and consolidate your knowledge through practical exercises.

Course contents/Methodology/Target group

  • Innovator basics
  • Efficient navigation and search in the model
  • Model organization structures
  • Structure a process map
  • How to create process models and collaborations with BPMN 2.0 *
  • Integration of data structures and states
  • Best practices in Innovator for Business Analysts *


* tailored towards business/analytical/descriptive process modeling

Target group:
Process modelers, business analysts, business architects, project managers, people in charge of quality management and those interested in processes


Sound knowledge of BPMN 2 modeling notation, e.g. gleaned from the following method course:

  • Process modeling with BPMN in the operating department (analytical and descriptive)
  • Introduction into process modeling with BPMN and business process modeling with BPMN
  • or process modeling in BPMN 2

Innovator for Business Analysts - Foundation Course

The course will give you an insight into working with Innovator for Business Analysts.

Process Modeling in BPMN 2

Learn about BPMN 2 and how to use it in practice in this course.

Advanced courses

Innovator for Business Analysts – Advanced Course in Technical Detail

This course will teach you all relevant modeling methods in Innovator for Business Analysts so that you can add all IT requirements to your processes.


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