NeweTraining: Process Management with Bpanda for Process Designers

Course description

Are you looking for an easy and understandable access to processes? You would like to model first processes in your company and also make them available throughout your entire company? Would you like to vote on processes in an organized and comprehensible way?

This eTraining will teach you how Bpanda can offer optimal support when reading, creating, voting on and publishing a process. Bpanda is intuitive and easy to use, regardless of whether you are reading a process, creating it or simply voting on it.

This eTraining will teach you the wide range of possible uses and the correct handling of Bpanda. You will learn how to quickly and easily read modeled processes in Bpanda and how to understand your company’s process map. On top of that, you will be modeling processes yourself and get to know the release process.

At the end of the course you will be able to use Bpanda, understand existing processes and read the guide with no trouble. You will be able to create new processes in Bpanda. You will be able to start the review process in Bpanda and accompany the review process as a participant. You will be able to publish processes that have already been reviewed.

Processing time approx. 6 hours
With the booking you get 3 months access to the online course on our eLearning portal.
Only available in German language!


Course contents/Methodology/Target group


  • Structure and purpose of Bpanda
  • Program interface and navigation
  • Usage of process pages and the guide
  • Various ways to create processes in Bpanda
  • Extend processes in Bpanda
  • Review of processes in Bpanda
  • Publish processes in Bpanda

Online training, tutorials, exercises

Our target group: 
People who model processes within the company and those responsible for them


Knowledge in business process management and modeling with BPMN is recommended

Technical Requirements:
Computer with Microsoft Windows 7 or better 
A complete list of system requirements can be found here!

Prerequisite courses (optional):

eTraining: Business Process Management - Basics

This seminar will give you a basic understanding of processes within a company and the key terminology associated with process management.

New eTraining: Reading and Understanding BPMN

This course will teach you individual BPMN elements. Find out how to read and understand professional business process models.

Advanced courses

Process Modeling in BPMN 2

Learn about BPMN 2 and how to use it in practice in this course.


Group discounts

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  3. Participant 3
    € 440.00  - 20% = € 352.00
  4. Participant 4
    € 440.00  - 20% = € 352.00

For groups bigger than five persons please request an individual offer

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Price (per person)

Regular € 440.00

€ 523.60 incl. tax

Inclusive: You will receive 3 months access to the online course on our eLearning portal.

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Dr. Katja Eisentraut

Head of Academy