Model-based Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DWH) Modeling

Course description

There is no one method or technology used in BI/DWH. It is a concept for preparing and allocating (BI) company-relevant data (DWH), transformed from various sources and historicized in corporate data systems; this data system is then used to extract and prepare data depending on the relevant application or department.

This seminar will teach you which various aspects to consider when mapping a model-based and manufacturer-independent Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse and the advantages of using a model-technical mapping. You will learn the necessary basic elements for BPMN 2 and the various ERM (Entity Relationship Modeling) notations and learn how to use them for model-based depiction of your BI.

At the end of the course you will be able to recognize various aspects of a BI and be able to differentiate between BI modeling elements and apply them correctly.

Course contents/Methodology/Target group

  • BI aspects
  • BI layered architecture
  • Define and display data modeling and process modeling
  • Data modeling notations
  • Types of data modeling (3NF vs. DataVault)
  • BI – Create glossary
  • Introduction into process modeling
  • Modeling ETLs with BPMN elements
  • Discussing
    • Measures
    • Hierarchies
    • Dimensions
    • Cubes

Target group:
BI modelers, analysts, technical users, system architects and software architects


Basic knowledge of data modeling; basic knowledge of software development and BI/DWH would be advantageous.

Advanced courses

BI / Data Vault 2 Modeling in Innovator for Information Architects

In dieser Schulung lernen Sie gleichermaßen als Einsteiger bzw. auch als Personen mit Vorerfahrungen das „why/what/how” der Data Vault 2.0- Modellierung eines BI/DWH-Projekts.

BI- and DWH-Modeling in Innovator for Information Architects

Do you already have experience with BI/DWH architectures and want to use this knowledge in models using standardized notations irrelevant of the manufacturer? Then you need a suitable modeling tool for this. The Innovator for Information Architects is a tried and tested tool that can be used for displaying BI and DWH architectures in models.

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€ 785.40 incl. tax

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