Maximize Performance in IT Innovation

Innovator supports a model based, development philosophy over all branches via a high performance platform. Models are understood as a medium of communication and used to harmonize the work results.

Innovator provides each business analysts, software architects, database architects and enterprise architects with special tools, and  everybody works with them on the same core business model – from their point of view. That way, we facilitate your communication and the collaboration of the different roles. This leads to an increased efficiency as well as to better results.

Innovator supports modeling languages from different standards. Business analysts can specify the business processes with BPMN as well as the requirements for IT applications and business services with UML. 

Innovator for Database Architects

Innovator for Database Architects is the data modeling tool of the new Innovator product generation. It offers diagrams in adjustable standard notations for the conceptual scheme and the data base scheme. The alignment between these schemes and the existing data base is supported by integrated comparison functions in order to conduct changes securely and controllably.

Conceptual schemes can also be mapped onto several data base systems from different manufacturers unlike manufacturer-specific data base design tools.

In our Videos about the Innovator for Database Architects you can learn more about its functions and possibilities. Furthermore we provide a free Download so that you can convince yourself of its abilities.

  • What is new?
  • Key Features

IDEF1X-Notation unified for ER and Data Base Diagrams

With the addition of the IDEF1X-Notation also for Entity-Relationship-Models, Innovator is for the first time provided with a unified graphical presentation for both, the Entity-Relationship as well as the Data Base Diagrams. 

IDEF1X is a data modeling technology that is based on the Entity-Relationship-Model (ERM). IDEF1X constitutes notations for i.e. entities, attributes, relationships or categorizations for the ER diagram and helps them therefore with the graphical presentation of the data model and illustrates its information structure and semantics within the environment or the system.

Innovator for Database Architects has offered the IDEF1X notation so far only for diagrams of the data base scheme. Thanks to the addition of this notation also for Entity-Relationship-Diagrams you no longer have to decide to introduce two notations with the modeling of the systems. You are now able to only use one notation.

Import Assistent for Data Bases

The import assistant is suited for a fast adoption of data base schemes from your data bases.

With the Import-Assistant you can easily fill your Innovator model with the desired tables out of your data base in a few simple steps. The assistant either imports the tables directly via a JDBC connection to the data base or out of a DDL file. The connection data will be saved within the assistant and facilitate repeated import into the Innovator model. You can choose the tables that are to be transferred directly within the assistant and import them into the Innovator model. You can also save this table selection for a new import. When it comes to an extended import, the data base manager opens automatically and compares data base tables and views as well as the Innovator model.

You can find all features of the Innovator for Database Architects, from the Entity-Relationship-Diagram to the IDEF1X-Notation summarized in the feature list.