Process Modeling in BPMN 2

Course description

Processes Control Companies – Control Your Processes.

All workflows that conform to explicit or implicit rules are processes, regardless of whether they are a business process, a workflow or a technical process. You need to be able to describe (or better still, model) processes in order to control them. The modeling language BPMN 2 is fast becoming the new standard for process modeling. Unlike practically all other modeling languages, BPMN 2.0 is suitable for displaying business processes, business process modeling and execution.

Learn about BPMN 2 and how to use it in practice in this course. Model business scenarios in tutorials led by an experienced trainer and discover the potentials held by BPMN 2 for your tasks.


At the end of the course you will be able to model business and technical flows as BPMN processes. You will be able to describe individual process steps, display data objects used and assign responsible roles or systems. You will also be able to model process hierarchies and collaboration of various processes.

Course contents/Methodology/Target group

  • Tasks and sequence flows
  • Events
  • Gateways
  • Lanes
  • Collaborations and message flows
  • Activities and subprocesses
  • Data objects and data associations


Target group:

Business analysts, business architects, process modelers, process managers, project managers


No previous knowledge is required but a basic understanding of Business Process Management would be advantageous.

Advanced courses

Innovator for Business Analysts - Foundation Course

The course will give you an insight into working with Innovator for Business Analysts.

Process Modeling with BPMN in IT

This course will teach you how to use BPMN for modeling technical flows.


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